Financial services

Financial and property consultancy for foreigners

Our job is to help foreigners living and working in the Czech Republic find their bearings in the Czech financial system. We help conclude tailor-made life and non-life insurance. On the basis of a financial analysis, we provide advice and mediate financing of personal needs, one’s own home or starting up of a business.  

What do we do?

Financing of one’s own home

mortgages, housing loans


investment trusts, bonds, real estate funds, stocks

Life and accident insurance

mandatory health insurance for foreigners applying for long-term residence

Property insurance

car, real estate, household insurance

Financial plan

family and company finance planning

Real estate services

help with purchase and sale of real estate

Mgr. Jakub Švec


3 years spent abroad have shown me how extremely important the financial literacy is. From Alaska to Patagonia, everywhere in the world people try to achieve financial freedom and to provide as much security to their families as possible. It is no different in our beautiful Czech Republic. That is why I decided to follow in the steps of my father, former country director of a financial consultancy company. The purpose of my work is to help people achieve their dreams and wishes and to improve the financial literacy in our society.

  • 2013 – Masaryk University in Brno – Faculty of Arts, History
  • 2014 – Canada – Work in the Food and Hotel Industry
  • 2016 – Chile – Private builder of wooden buildings
  • 2018 – Fincentrum, a.s. – Financial and Property Consultant
  • 2019 – 4fin Better together – Financial and Property Consultant, Manager of Brno 4fin office, M palace


Phone: +420 736 682 649


Miguel Goncalves

I help clients who want to give direction to their finances and are interested in news on the financial market.
I most often deal with real estate investments and loans with clients.

Phone: +420 773 218 540


Our story


Financial freedom

Financial freedom

My big dream was, is and will be to increase financial literacy in our society. We live in capitalism in which we are all responsible for ourselves. For some people, such a responsibility can be scary, but it gives us FREEDOM. Freedom to decide who I want to be, what...

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Truth about Bitcoin

Truth about Bitcoin

It happened on Tuesday 16 February  2021. Bitcoin has breached the magical threshold of 50,000 USD for 1 bitcoin, a threshold which resisted several times before. Only in this year, bitcoin has registered a growth by unbelievable 70 %. Because of this boom, almost...

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What did our clients say about us?

I appreciate the personal approach, flexible and active spirit. Jakub helped us direct the family finances and design investment and expense strategies for the future.

Ctibor Ostrý custodian, Březina

I am highly satisfied with the collaboration with Kuba Švec. I wholeheartedly recommend Kuba Švec to anyone in need of financial services. Friendly and amicable behaviour. Thank you for the quick and smooth solution to my issues.

Milan Chadima worker, Budislav

Kuba is the fourth financial consultant with whom I have personal experience and he is flawless.
Great professionalism connected to a very friendly and human approach.
I very much appreciate that his approach is not only about conclusion of a contract, but also about the follow-up care for client’s needs and the related services.

Ondřej, IT developer – Brno

Very nice manners, professional approach, complete satisfaction with the services provided. 

Can recommend.

Marcela Křížová cashier – Brno

Proper and reliable communication and cooperation. I especially appreciate the speed of resolution of unexpected obstacles.

Jakub IT technician, Brno

Positive: Quality, Professionalism, Speed of replies

Mr. Goncalves helped us a lot when we were buying a new flat. He procured all the necessities and negotiated better conditions for us in the bank.

Thank you very much, Dvořákovi

Hana Dvořáková

Miguel is very enthusiastic about the field of finances and investments, which could be clearly seen in his approach to investment workshops. I deeply appreciate Miguel’s behaviour as well as his knowledge and skills in the field of investments. For the entire year, Miguel and I have been going through a cycle of investment workshops, which focused on conducting business on the capital market including the following fields: compilation of an investment portfolio, reading of financial reports of investment trusts, macroeconomics, compilation of an investment forecast, work with all investment tools in a consultant’s portfolio, sales and communication skills. When I compare the level of Miguel’s investment consultancy before and after the workshops, one can clearly see the development he has undergone and the work he has done. I recommend Miguel wholeheartedly.

Petr Němec – lector of investments

Jakub has been helping and advising us on a mortgage and Health Insurance. Both myself and my wife are very satisfied with his work, good communication help with any questions we might have and a good understanding of our wants and needs. Jakub has an excellent understanding of the English language. I have nothing bad to say. I highly recommend his services. 

PetrDavid Andrew Crake – Cook

We cooperate with:

Thanks to a wide range of cooperating companies, we can advise you on any product on the Czech market.


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