My big dream was, is and will be to increase financial literacy in our society. We live in capitalism in which we are all responsible for ourselves. For some people, such a responsibility can be scary, but it gives us FREEDOM. Freedom to decide who I want to be, what I want to do, what I want to have. Freedom to choose our own path.

For me, freedom is everything! Of course, freedom is neither a matter-of-fact nor something given. Freedom must be fought for. These days, luckily, we do not have to fight for it with guns, as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did. But each and every one of us should raise that imaginary banner and fight for financial freedom. Fight for the security of your family, your property or your financial security for your retirement. Fight for the betterment of our surroundings, our society, our environment.

For me, my work is the tool I use in the fight for financial freedom. The work in the role of a financial and wealth advisor. I will do my best to help my clients and colleagues achieve financial freedom. Because where there is financial health, there is a better and more positive atmosphere that benefits the whole society.

My dream is to live in a society where people are tolerant to each other, help each other and are willing to respect others. I have had the great advantage of being able to live and work in Canada, in which civility and respect for others is the social norm. So I know that this immodest dream of mine can be achieved, that it is possible, even desirable. Nothing is ever ideal, but the right thing to do is to at least work towards that ideal. Our beautiful Czech country still has a long way to go in this direction. I will do my best to help all of us along the way.